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What Sets Us Apart From Other "Dog Daycares"

At All Bright Canines we like to think of ourselves not as a "Dog Daycare" but as a School.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we spend time with each and every dog training them so that we have a cohesive team of dogs that can listen in any situation that may rise while they are with us . This in turn helps you with a more better behaved dog at home ! 

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We also have a group of highly trained staff led by a certified dog trainer and our daycare dogs enjoy 4 trainers working with them daily! Not to mention all of our staff is extensively trained in reading canine behavior specifically through the "Dog Guru" courses and guidelines! 

We also DO NOT discriminate based on breed ! We evaluate each and every dog based on the Dog Guru's Standard Evaluations and our own head trainers qualitative evaluation to make sure each dog will enjoy their experience and are safe to be in our groups. 

We are known for the special atmosphere we create for our "Littles" and we boast one of the largest ratios of littles to bigs. We also separate the dogs into different groups based on size and play style. Our popularity for little dogs in daycare is largely due to our mini size play equipment and the special attention our littles receive from our staff. Our extensive facility makes it so whether we are indoor or outdoor there is plenty of space to run and play for every group.

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