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Meet the Staff...

Leah- Manager

Leah Russell has been a part of the ABC family since early 2014. Leah’s genuine love of animals, energetic work ethic and desire to keep the dogs happy and active makes her the perfect addition to our staff. Leah will play fetch with the dogs for hours and you will often see her cuddling the dogs or helping them build their confidence by teaching them to climb the play equipment. Leah also assists with grooming and training classes.  When she is not at ABC, Leah worked as the assistant Animal Control Officer of Old Lyme. She is certified in Pet CPR and Disaster Response, and has attended numerous conferences taught by esteemed trainers such as Pia Silvani, Sue Sternberg and Michael Shikashio. We are proud to have her as a part of the team at ABC, and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her here!

Emily Shift Supervisor

Emily has always shared her life with animals and she currently lives on a large farm with horses, cattle, and chickens. Of course along with her farm animals she also has a farmhand, her boxer Boomer. Emily has been with ABC for about 3 years and has been a great asset to our team! 

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Lo- Trainer

Leah (Lo) has had a love for dogs starting at a young age. Being raised around dogs her entire life, it took the recent passing of her rescue Mia to make her realize she needed to pursue a career working with them. Being in the serving industry for the last 14 years she decided to leave and pursue her passion of dogs. She is eager to learn everything ABC has to offer. When not at ABC you can find Leah working with her puppy Kanelo, kayaking with her family and tending to her garden and compost. 


Tiffany Shift Supervisor

Tiffany has had a career working with animals and shares her home with 5 bully breed mixes. She was a dog trainer at Petco for four years and went onto being a groomers assistant. She brings her knowledge of canine behavior and training to our daycare yard as well as our training classes. 

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Laurie has always had a genuine love for animals starting at a very young age. Her interest in dog training came when she wanted to learn how to help her Golden Retriever, Jake, become a more confident dog. She earned her dog training certification from the Animal Behavior College and also her certification for Fear Free Boarding and Daycare. Always keen to continue her education, she can often be found assisting Tiffany and Lo in their classes. When not out in the daycare yards playing with the pups, she enjoys spending time with her Gypsy Cob, Toby. She also can be found in her gardens or on the softball field.

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My name is Brynn and I love dogs! I’m so excited that I get the chance to work with them everyday. Brynn has been learning under Lo to help train our daycare dogs and will hopefully be assisting classes in the future!

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