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Meet the Trainers...

Rebecca Maurice 

Rebecca is the Owner and Head Trainer here at All Bright Canines. She has over 20 years of dog training experience and specializes in working with Aggression, Reactivity, and in home private trainings.  She has studied with many greats in the training world. She uses a wide variety of training and techniques and specializes each training to the individual dog.  (See our Head Trainer Tab to read all about Rebeccca's experience) 

(Pictured here with the creators of Dog Guru's Susan Briggs and Robin Bennett)


Leah has been with All Bright Canines for over 5 years! She began apprenticing under Rebecca Maurice ( Our Owner and Head Trainer ) and has since evolved into a skilled trainer herself.  She has a knack for canine behavior and a passion for rescuing dogs. She spends most of her time training focusing on reactivity cases and evaluations for  shelter dogs. She has also studied and taken seminars from leading trainers such as Pia Silvani. She strives to continue her work with shelter dogs and expand her training clientele. 


Leah (Lo) has had a love for dogs starting at a young age. Being raised around dogs her entire life, it took the recent passing of her rescue Mia to make her realize she needed to pursue a career working with them. Being in the serving industry for the last 14 years she decided to leave and pursue her passion of dogs. She is eager to learn everything ABC has to offer. When not at ABC you can find Leah working with her new puppy Kanelo, kayaking with her family and tending to her garden and compost. Leah has been training using positive reinforcement to train our daycare dogs, group classes, private trainings, and recently transferred her training over to horses! 



Tiffany has had a career working with animals and shares her home with 5 bully breed mixes. She was a dog trainer at Petco for four years and went onto being a groomers assistant. She brings her knowledge of canine behavior and training to our daycare yard as well as our training classes! Tiffany has also been working on training horses with positive reinforcement! 

Stephanie Williams


Stephanie has a B.Sc. in Education, and she is also a certified professional dog

trainer in the US. She is also a certified OneMind Dogs Instructor. In addition

to teaching agility classes, lessons and workshops, she teaches family dog

training classes and private lessons in canine behavior. Before she became a

professional dog trainer, she taught music to public middle students.

Stephanie strives to find what works best for each individual handler and dog.

She loves to teach everything, from foundation skills to handling full courses

but her absolute favorites are obstacle commitment and distance skills.

Stephanie and her dogs love training together and she finds great joy in any

opportunity to let her dogs skills shine, be that in training, class, or in a

competition. My job is to help them show it off! I like to have many tools in

my handler toolbox so my team is ready for anything we may come upon in a

course. Stephanie has competed on regional and national levels in UKI,

including the UKI US Open and AKC Masters Agility Championship at Westminster! We are excited to have her as an instructor starting in January 2022!

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