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 Daycare at All Bright Canines is the easiest way to go to work GUILT FREE!  Instead of stressing about how your dog is going to get walked during the workday or trying to find the energy to walk that hyper dog at the end of the day we have the ideal solution.  Your dog spends the day playing, socializing in a safe environment, and learning basic commands with us ! Imagine coming home and being able to cuddle with a relaxed and more well trained dog than you started with that morning.  Our revolutionary approach which treats daycare more like a school for dogs is what sets us apart from the competition!

Proof of Vaccines required before evaluation date:  Rabies, Distemper, & Intranasal Bordetella and flu shots H3N2/H3N8. 

We also require proof of licensing in the town you reside for each dog.

We must recieve these before scheduling their evaluation day.

All dogs must attend daycare at least once per week or they will lose their spot. 

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Daycare Prices: (DOES NOT INCLUDE TAX) 
Evaluation Day $40.00 + tax
1 dog per day $37.50 +tax
2nd dog per day $26.50 +tax
3 dogs 1 day $76 +tax

10 day package $337.50 +tax
2 dog 10 day package $576.00 +tax
20 day package $637.50 +tax

2 dog 20 day package $1088.00 +tax


All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered to participate

*Dogs may not attend daycare at ABC for a minimum of 7-10 days after attending a dog park or another daycare and/or boarding facility *

We will not accept dogs that will continue to go to the dog park while attending ABC due to the risk of viral,parasite, and bacterial infection transmission

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24 hour advanced notice is required for evaluation cancellations

Play and Train

Does your dog have some habits you want a little more work on? Our Play and Train package is perfect for getting a little extra training time in during the week!


With Play and Train your dog will attend Daycare for the day and have an hour private session with one of our trainers to work on topics of your choice! It's the easiest way to combine an exciting Daycare day with some focused training! Please book a week in advance.

Please note we can not accommodate Play & Train requests on rainy days as we have the daycare dogs playing inside. Thank you!


Training in daycare with treats included: $37 +tax

Training in daycare owner provides treats: $32 +tax 

10 train package with treats: $333 +tax

10 train package owner provides treats: $288 +tax

20 train package with treats: $629 +tax

20 train package owner provides treats: $544 +tax 


Be sure to ask about adding the Play and Train package for your next visit!!

Play and Train
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